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Tuesday, November 21, 2006
Totally “ScratchLess” CD-R Launched in the UK
Medea International have been awarded exclusive UK partner distribution of the an innovative new “Scratchless” disc from the USA. ScratchLess disc is a totally new patented innovation that virtually eliminates the problem of surface damage to discs. For professional photos, important video and critical data applications, demand is expected to be substantial. Demand is also expected from applications where discs are handled frequently, and where damage potential is therefore higher.

The ScratchLess Disc was designed to protect data or media stored on discs from physical damage caused by everyday use and handling. The disc has 20 small, patented bumps (Aero-Bumps(TM)) that elevate the disc to avoid contact with any flat surface, thereby eliminating damage. Co-developed with General Electric, the disc's secondary layer of protection is achieved by adding a polymer coating, which gives it an extra glass-hard layer of protection. "We are excited to offer consumers the safest optical discs available today," said Scott Malcolm, Medea International, Marketing Manager. "Scratch-Less have created a product that consumers can count on. I believe the ScratchLess disc is a significant product that provides a much higher level of long-term security, perfect for the storage of photos, music, video and important data."

The Scratch-Less Disc was created to offer users protection that ordinary discs lack. It is compatible with nearly all existing recording and playback equipment. The discs also feature the Easy-Up-Edge(TM), a slanted/raised edge that allows the user to easily pick up the disc from a flat surface. The Scratch-Less Disc can be safely slid across or lifted directly from a surface, providing unparalleled damage prevention.

The Scratch-Less Disc is currently available in CD-R and will be followed by CD-RW in the near future. Scratch-Less Disc will debut its DVD formats (DVD +R, DVD-R, DVD+RW and DVD-RW) in 2006.

Key Benefits of Scratch-Less Discs

- Safely store photos, music, video & important data.
- Eliminate scratching and scuffing on disc surface.
- Aero-Bumps(TM) that elevate the disc to avoid surface contact, thereby eliminating damage.
- Glass-hard polymer coating reduces scratches.
- Easy-Up-Edge(TM) allowing the user to easily pick up the disc from a flat surface.

Details of availability and the Scratch-Less dealer network are available at http://www.medea.co.uk ScratchlessDisc UK – http://www.scratchlessdisc.co.uk

Source: DiscBurn