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Friday, February 09, 2007
18X Pioneer DVD Drive DVR-112 DVR-112D
DVD writers keep getting faster in speed, today Pioneer announced two new internal 18X DVD burners. The DVR-112 and DVR-112D.

The 112 is a multi-format drive and the 112D is a dual-format drive. The Pioneer drives burn at an amazing 18X speed for write once media and 10X for dual-layer media. So how does Pioneer do it, well they've adopted the CAV recording technology along with Pioneers proprietary technology to ensure a disc has been properly recorded. In addition, Pioneer kept it's Disc-Resonance Stabilizer technology which controls the airflow generated by disc-rotation in order to minimize disc warping that can occur when media rotates at high speed.

Pioneer also incorporated the following technologies in their DVR-112 and DVR-112D series drives:
The new line of Pioneer CD/DVD recorders will be available to OEM integrators in the coming months.

Source: Pioneer