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Tuesday, September 11, 2007
The DVD Forum just announced the preliminary specifications for a 51GB Triple Layer HD DVD disc. This announcement is in direct response to fans of Blu-Ray technology.

The Forum presented two formats of the HD DVD disc:

- The HD DVD-ROM Triple layer 51GB (single format)
- The Triple layer Twin format

The triple layer disc is a three layer DVD with each layer storing up to 17GB of data/video, resulting in a total capacity of 51GB.

The disc has been approved by the DVD Forum's WG-11 (Triple layer 51 GB disc Ver.1.9), and is expected to be also approved by the TCG/SC later this year.

The new disc adds a high-end option to the previous HD DVD-ROM disc lineup that includes the 15GB (single-layer, single-sided) and 30GB (dual-layer, single-sided). Commercialization of the 51GB HD DVD-ROm disc could definitely be a strong weapon for the HD DVD format against Sony's Blu-Ray, which currently offers a maximum of 50GB of storage capacity with 2-layer discs.

However, the new HD DVD may not be compatible with older players as the new Triple Layer DVD would use different reading techniques thus eliminating the ability to simply purchase, record and play the new format.

The HD DVD-ROM Triple layer Twin format

This is the second extension of the HD DVD format presented at the DVD Forum conference. This is a single- sided disc with one DVD layer and two HD DVD layers. The available capacities are 4.7GB for DVD and 30Gb for HD DVD.

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Source: CDRInfo.com

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