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Tuesday, May 15, 2007
59 Million DVD Recorders Forecasted to Ship in 2011
The volume of DVD recorders shipped worldwide in 2011 is expected to reach 59 million units and generating about $20 billion in revenues for manufacturers.

These are estimations made by IMS Research. Digital video recorders currently have the advantage of being deployed by pay-TV operators at relatively low cost in the North America, Western Europe, and some parts of the Asia Pacific region. However, recording onto an optical disc is expected to gain momentum due to several factors that will enhance current usage models and value propositions for burning elaborate, menu-driven DVDs from a consumer DVD recorder.

Traditionally, elaborate DVD creation has been confined to professional authoring stations with experienced technicians.

"The convergence of digital tuners, large HDDs, HDMI and IEEE1394 ports into a single device will appeal to consumers interested in upgrading their home entertainment system with a high-end DVD recorders," said Analyst Mark Meza.

Key factors that are expected to drive mass adoption of consumer DVD recorders include better editing control, easy-to-use authoring and menu creation features, ubiquitous playability of discs on any DVD playback device, up-conversion of legacy DVD to 1080p, DVR-like user interfaces, and the continuing price erosion of major DVD recorder components.

The increasing amount of HD content is expected to drive adoption of blue laser DVD recorders.

"Recording a full-length HD movie and its accompanying high-resolution audio component onto a disc is no longer confined to blue laser media, due to the emergence of multilayered high-storage-capacity red laser media that is expected to give both Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD recordable media some competition in cost-sensitive applications" added Meza.