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Tuesday, June 15, 2004
CD Manufacturing - Mastering - Stamper Finishing
Stamper Finishing

When the stamper has been electroformed from the mother, it requires finishing before any discs can be replicated from it.
Each stamper is checked visually, the back polished, it is punched to the required outside diameter, a hole accurately punched in the center and finally it is checked on a stamper player before being fitted to the press.

Stamper finishing is an important stage as it will affect the quality of the final disc. The center hole must be accurately cut to avoid eccentricity which could affect the playability of CD-ROMs using modern high speed CD-ROM drives. Also the stamper thickness must be uniform to avoid unbalance problems in the finished discs.

Finished stampers are stored in protective plastic packages ready to be fitted to a moulding machine.