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Tuesday, June 15, 2004
CD Manufacturing - Mastering - Electroforming

Nickel fathers, mothers and stampers are created from the metallisaed glass master by electroforming in a class 1000 clean room environment.
The father is electroformed from the metallised glass master (see diagram) and then the surface containing the 'bumps' is oxidised ready for the next stage. (This allows the mother to be separated from the father).

The mother is then electroformed from the father and is an essential intermediate stage from which the stamper(s) are then electroformed in a similar way.

After the mother has been created, the father can then be used as a stamper. Only mothers are needed for creating subsequent stampers. Additional stampers are created for long runs of CDs.

The photoresist on the glass master is then removed and the glass cleaned ready to be used again.