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Wednesday, June 23, 2004
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Replication Lines

The replication of CDs in the past has been carried out using batch processes where each stage of the process uses a different machine. In the last few years integrated replication lines have become the norm. Examples of such machines are:

A complete replication line comprising moulding machine, metaliser, lacquer unit, printer (normally 3 color) and inspection. Good and bad discs are transferred to different spindles. Finished discs are removed on spindles for packing.
An alternative to this does not include a printer. This allows a new job to continue without being stopped while a new job is being setup on the printer.

A replication line comprising two moulding machines, metaliser, lacquer unit and inspection. This provides a better match between moulding machine and downstream equipment cycle times and is currently the most flexible solution. Each moulding machine can run different titles, the discs being separated after inspection and placed on different spindles. Also called Duoline.