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Tuesday, June 15, 2004
CD Premastering - Audio Premastering
Audio Premastering

Audio premastering includes the following processes:
PQ encoding which adds the table of contents ie start times of all tracks to audio data from any of the following media:

U-matic tapes, if not already PQ encoded, can have PQ codes written to them.
DATs can include continuous SMPTE or ABS timecode throughout the entire programme.
CDs and CD-Rs already contain PQ codes.
Exabyte tapes. If DDP files are included no PQ encoding is needed.
Digital audio editing, which is made easy with modern PC based editors which allow audio to be input from CD, DAT or U-matic, stored on hard disk, edited and written to Exabyte or CD-R. Editing includes compilations, sample rate conversion, cross fades, equalisation, dynamic range compression etc.

Sample Rate Conversion from 48kHz (eg on some DATs) to the 44.1kHz needed for CD.