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Tuesday, June 15, 2004
CD Premastering - CD-ROM Premastering
CD-ROM Premastering

CD-ROM Premastering includes the following processes:
Formatting to ISO 9660 for Windows (3.1x, 95, 98) or MS-DOS applications.
Formatting to HFS for Apple Macintosh applications
Formatting to Hybrid format with both ISO 9660 and HFS for PC and Macintosh
Video CD, CD-i & Photo CD formatting which is normally part of the authoring process.
Mixed Mode formatting which requires both audio and CD-ROM tracks (with ISO 9660) on the same disc.
CD EXTRA formatting using the Blue Book multisession format with mode 2 sectors and, optionally, with hybrid format for PC/Macintosh.
CD Graphics and CD TEXT formatting including R to W data.
Duplicating CD-Rs of any format using an automated CD-R duplicator. This is a faster and more cost effective solution than mastering and pressing for small volumes (< 100).