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Tuesday, June 15, 2004
CD Premastering - Data Description Protocol
Data Description Protocol

The Data Description Protocol (DDP) was defined by DCA in Oklahoma, USA in conjunction with other organisations in the industry. There are three or four DDP (streams) files which accompany and describe premastered audio and CD-ROM data, either on the same media (if Exabyte) or on a separate floppy disk.

DDPID - DDP level identifier, Master ID (catalogue number) and UPC/EAN number. It also serves to locate the DDPMS Map Stream for direct access input media.

DDPMS - Information to locate and process each file of Text, Subcode or Main Channel input data. In most cases it also contains enough information to automatically develop PQ subcode data.

TS (Text) - Optional file contains either Volume/Track/Index titling text or Commentary text or Customer information text

PQ_DESC - Optional file contains a PQ description or fully processed P to W channels of subcode data

In the last two years DCA has released DDP-2 which accommodates other formats such as CD EXTRA, CD TEXT and DVD.