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Wednesday, April 20, 2005
New-fangled CD Label Printer
Title: New-fangled CD Label Printer

Author: Kristine Llabres

Have you been exposed with the conventional way of having your
CD labeled? Well, that old way of printing labels especially for
CD’s were very labor extensive. It requires long working hours,
enough man power to do the pasting and cutting plus the high
cost of labeling it.

With the old method, one had to print onto the sheets first the
special label paper afterwards another person should remove the
labels from the sheet without having them stick or curl among
others. For the final touch, it should be fasten one by one to
the discs. That kind of labor requires a lot of patience,
precision, and carefulness.

After some time, when people tend to discover that they are
using a lot of effort and time just labeling a single CD, they
invented now the CD label printers. These printers have
eradicated the infuriation and hundred man power associated with
CD label printing.

These CD printers are really slick for they print directly onto
CD-R discs and they can do it in an accurate manner than the
manual thing. The highest quality printers use thermal transfer
process, wherein they are using heat to seal the ink onto the

Thermal transfer output is permanent and high quality printing
job with no damage to the disc. The discs remain to be durable
and waterproof. The elimination of the paper labeling means a
much better professional CD-ROM impression.

Its process is quite complex technically but these printers will
cost more than your average inkjet printer. Take note of the
quality of the printing process that vary among brands so see to
it that you will research well with your options before buying

Other benefits of CD label printers are much advantageous for
the businesses. They can enable their printing needs to be done
right at their very site. No need to have outside outsourced of
task of CD printing results in a variety of benefits and it is
no longer dependent on the production schedules of a printing

It provides security for the businesses which they are concerned
most of the time. With their proprietary information and the
shipping out of the CD-ROMs for printing that creates
vulnerability is absolutely unnecessary.

With this new printer, hassles are eradicated which are the
usual problems if it will be printed outside. Companies totally
enjoy over the printing process and it means that even if there
are last minute revisions need to be made, still it can be done
absolutely hassle free.

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